The Ebon Cabal

A town called Loudwater...

26th Day of Hammer, Year of the Ageless One, DR 1479

Who will answer The Curious Summons?

Are you alone in here in Loudwater, or have others been tempted by similar scrolls to cross land and water to meet on Midwinter in this place?

And who will you be meeting with? Who penned the scroll with its ebony seal?

The town seems welcoming enough – a natural meeting of caravan route and riverbarge dock. Where a couple thousand hearty souls brave the fey wilderness of the High Forest to the north, and the mist covered High Moor to the south, to make a living supplying merchants and traders with a rest-stop, soundly defended against the perils of marauders, bandits, or worse.

There could be more unhappy places to be for the Midwinter Festival than a frontier town full of traders – whatever else happens, there’s sure to be a good tale worth telling in all of this…



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