The Ebon Cabal

Into the Tomb of the Ogre King

28th Day of Hammer, Year of the Ageless One, DR 1479

The heroes journeyed through the frozen forests near Loudwater for several hours before they reached the Ogre King’s Tomb. Weakened somewhat by the chill air, they began exploring the ruins they believed lead to the goblin’s lair in the Tomb.

Avoiding a stoney courtyard, fearing that the stone was weak and may be a trap, the heroes found a secret entrance to the goblin’s lair. Descending into the goblin’s den, as they had expected, the courtyard above them had indeed been a trap and would have dumped them into a pit where a pack of goblins would have been able to pick them off. But the tables were turned, and now it was the goblin’s that were surprised to find that they were being ambushed!

The melee was fierce, and although several goblins were downed in the initial rush, our heroes were beaten back by the stronger goblin warriors. Fithas the Drow acrobatically hung upside-down from a ladder to shoot over the heads of his comrades, while Falli wove words of healing power to restore her comrades and songs of pain to batter the goblins. The tide turned somewhat when Fithas, perhaps giddy from all the blood rushing to his head, climbed back into the courtyard and tried to break through the stonetrap to rain debris upon the hapless greenskinned foes. But he overestimated his prowess and could not bring the roof down upon the goblins as quickly as he hoped. By the time he sprang the trap, the melee had moved away from the pit and his fellow companions were battered by the goblins defense. But restored by Falli’s healing words, Kav, Bhurk, and Cora overwhelmed the goblin hexer and the last of his guards.

After a short rest, the heroes proceded deeper in the goblin lair, and discovered a shrine to worship the Ogre King. Battling between a force of dessicated dwarven zombies and a particularly nasty goblin warrior paired with a sneaky goblin rogue, the heroes fought bravely and managed to slay the undead and one of the goblins. Forcing the sly goblin thief to surrender, they questioned him about the rest of the ruin, and learned that the Ogre King’s remains were below with the High Shaman. Whilst the other heroes were exploring the crypt where the zombies emerged, Fithas was left to guard the goblin. Sadly, at this point, perhaps overwhelmed with grief over his betrayal, the goblin killed himself by thrusting an arrow through his own eye – or so the Drow archer claimed. The heroes discovered gems and jewelry left as offerings to the idol of the Ogre King, along with a suit of enchanted chainmail and a potion. Wearied from their battles, the band of adventures retreated back to the entrance and set up camp.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, another hero had been called by the Ebon Cabal to Loudwater and was trying to follow the company to the goblin lair. Zaine, a human warrior from Baldur’s Gate, had witnessed the other heroes revelation at the Green Tankard Inn that the Ebon Cabal had summoned them all to this lonely trading town. Wrestling with his thoughts over many pints of ale, Zaine decided to meet the companions in the morning and offer his services as another prospective member of the Cabal. However, the ale was stronger than he thought and he woke late in the morning and was left to pursue the heroes’ footprints through the snow. Worse still, as he tracked the company of adventurers, he himself became the hunted, as a pack of starving gray wolves came across his path and hungrily agreed that humans were indeed good to eat.

Fleeing from the wolf pack, Zaine came upon the broken courtyard and the campfire of the heroes below. Calling down for assistance, Zaine found himself rapidly cornered by the wolves against the pit. Seeing no other alternative, Zaine flung himself into the hole with the wolves soon following and the battle was joined.

Once the wolves were slain, cautious introductions were made all around. It was revealed that Zaine did indeed have a letter from the Cabal along with its strange seal, and the heroes reluctantly agreed that his sword would indeed by handy against the High Shaman. They settled down at their camp to take a long rest to refresh themselves before tackling the remaining goblins.

After a their rest, the heroes set forth to venture deeper into the goblins’ lair, which they had come to realize was actually the remains of an ancient outpost of a long lost Dwarven kingdom.

Bursting into an old catacombs, the adventurers were confronted with goblins and yet another hexer, and a new foe – hobgoblins! These man-sized goblin-kin brutes, heavliy armed and armored, held the doorway of the catacombs whilst their smaller cousins and the hexer battered the heroes with spears and spells. But the heroes beat down their defenses and rushed in to confront the magick-flinging hexer and the goblin spearmen. Fortuneately for the heroes, the hexer chose a defensible redoubt on the far side of a dark pit, in actuality a winding staircase dropping down a great shaft. But once our heroes had rushed around the pit, the hexer had no where to flee, and in the ensuign melee, was knocked over the edge of the pit and down the central hole of the winding staircase. The greenskinned magician did not survice his fall into the abyss.

After a quick search of the upper catacombs, and discovering a few bejeweled trinkets left from the ancient dwarves, our heroes cautiously descended the winding stair, careful not to take the same plunge that ended the goblin hexer’s existence so finally – as a crushed body at the bottom of the stairs. Now they had reached the final resting place of the Ogre King.

Confronting the painted and featherd goblin guarding an enormous bier covered in huge bones, our heroes had at last encountered the High Shaman of the Ogre King. The High Shaman was wise to be cautious with his opponents and tried to coerce the Horn Totem from the adventurers whist warning them to depart. But our heroes claimed to have lost the Horn Totem and questioned the High Shaman about his ritual to restore life to his dead king. The more erudite of the heroes realized that ths ritual was nonsense, but feared leaving the goblin practitioner behind in case he should stumble upon the right formula to restore the Ogre King. They tried to coerce the Skull Totem from the High Shaman, in order to bring it back to Curuvar the Wizard back in Loudwater, but this enraged the goblin mysytic and he hurled a ball of fire upon the heroes!

Confronted with this mad spell-wielder, the companions realized they had no choice but to fight for their lives and battled the goblin High Shaman with steel against his magicks. But in the end, the High Shaman could not withstand the concerted attacks of the heroes and he too fell to the adventurers onslaught. Our heroes took the Skull Totem, which turned out to be the Ogre King’s skull on a wooden haft, and scattered the remaining bones in the crypt.

Resting the remainder of the night, the adventurers set out for Loudwater the next morning, triumphant.



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