The Ebon Cabal

Goblins Storm Loudwater!

27th Day of Hammer, Year of the Ageless One, DR 1479

Who knew that a quiet winter’s morning would be shattered by easily?

Whilst you were walking along the row of shops, peering in windows at the various goods within, there came a terrific roar and a shower of dirt and timber scraps! A gaping section of the wooden palisade had been destroyed and goblins poured into the streets!

Knowing that you had to defend yourself, you set to with a vengeance, using your talents to protect yourself and the screaming crowd of townsfolk.

But lo, to your surprise, other adventurers have joined the fray! Perhaps they too were summoned here by the Cabal.

But see, the goblins came with some purpose in mind, not just bent on mindless slaughter. The leader, a goblin shaman, with feathered skull staff, seems to drive his warriors through the melee to a shop to steal a crude and primitive dagger made of some creatures horn.

This will bear further investigation now that the foul goblins have been dispatched.

The heroes of Loudwater gather together at the nearby Green Tankard Inn, and introductions are made round. Cora, the nimble halfling, seems most curious about that mysterious horn dagger, but Falli, the haughty tiefling, seems quite possessed with its charm. Fav-tal-met, a fiery swordbearing genasi shows more interest in the reason the goblins attacked than a piece of horn, whilst the dour and brooding Fithas, a elven bowman of drow descent, glances suspiciously at his fellow heroes, as if wondering what their game might be. But it is the sagacious and boistrous Bhurk, a dwarf practitioner of dark arts, that suggests that more than happenstance that brought them together. Aluding to a certain letter, the heroes find they are all in Loudwater to a common purpose… The Ebon Cabal!

Realizing that there might be a fellowship forming, Cora trustingly produces a scroll she found on the corpse of the goblin shaman’s remains, which proves to be a map back to the goblins’s hideout and a crude note.

Kerwig, Take dah alchmee fire barrel and go to dah town and blow big hole in dah south wall. Dere be a shop called G A R A W A N sumting – he gots dah totem. Get it OR ME KILL YOU!

Without dah totem, we not revive dah Ogre King!

Me will keep dah magicks working til yous gets back. Do not fail dah Ogre King!

While puzzling over the totem, map, and note, sipping drinks supplied by the bartender on the house for saving the town from the goblin “horde”, the captain of the militia turned up with another surprise – A reward of 100 gold!

Feeling a shopping spree was in order, the newly-formed adventuring band traipsed over to Garawan’s Curiosity Shop to have a chat and a look around. The old dwarven shopkeeper rewarded the heroes of the town by gifting them with the horn totem (magical dagger?!). He also said that it was a wizard, Curuvar the Brazen, a resident of Loudwater, who pawned the totem to him in the first place. Before leaving to find Curuvar, Fithas found a treasure map with Drowic script along the border, that he simply had to have. After a quick haggle, the grumpy dark elf was the proud owner of map to the purported final crypt of Princess Redblade, the murderous lady-bandit, who prowled the lands some four decades ago.

Finding the very odd wizard, Curuvar, at the Green Tankard, the party learned a little more, but not as much as they hoped. The wizard explained that he had recovered the horn totem from the goblins, who had taken up residence in an ancient dwarven stronghold of the lost kingdom of Ammarindar. Whimsically, or perhaps as some strange test, the wizard suggested that if the adventurers were to recover the skull totem he saw where he found the horn totem, and bring it back to him, he might have some lore that they would find most valuable in their treasure hunting.

As the lair of the goblins is only a few hours march south of Loudwater, plans are readily made to venture to the old dwarven stronghold and unearth the secrets of the skull totem and the long dead Ogre King.

Upon heading to bed to prepare for the next day’s march, there is a little surprise left for all. Gold-scripted invitations from Lady Moonfire, the Baroness of Loudwater, have invited the “Heroes of the Goblin Battle” to her keep for a dinner party she is hosting in her honor the 1st of Alturiak – the day after the Midwinter Holiday.

So much happening in the next few days! From the expedition to the goblin lair, to the meeting with the Cabal representative on the eve of the Midwinter festival, to be followed by a party with the Baroness – who knew that a trading outpost in the middle of nowhere could be so amusing?



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